Friday, August 27, 2021

Phone / SMS Chat

                                 Phone SMS Ageplay

These girls are available to talk to on the phone when you want them to, for some guys with a real vanilla life, having a long distance relationship with an Adult baby girl can be very complicated and messy. It fails to happen because the girl is really looking for a stable daddy and doesn't want to be treated second best, only called sporadically when it suits the guy who is struggling to hide his needs from his family. It can end up with both people feeling very hurt and let down.

Phone SMS Ageplay

If you used the services of a phone play or sms based nanny or little girl then both parties know the realistic boundaries and it is both fun and freeing for you. This way you get the baby girl of your dreams to look after at times that suit you without having to hide or lie or cheat with an affair that can come to nothing.

Of course there is a cost in this but as long as you keep your sensible head on and don't go to crazy it should be manageable and is certainly cheaper than a long distance relationship and hotel rooms.

There are specialised sites that deal with the adult baby play like these listed below or phonesex escorts who say they list ageplay and infantilism in their repertoire. The dedicated sites have ladies that are more experienced but you will find that there aren't that many and most of the ladies will have multiple identities. My advice is to find one you like and stick to her, take time to build up the ideal indepth scenario or fantasy and then each time you call it will be more ultimately more rewarding for you.

So whats different about an Ageplay Escort?

Ageplay Escorts

These Tgirls aren't specifically into Age play but are normal working Tgirls who are likely to be younger or have a younger appearance. They may offer many forms of uniform play and the ageplay may go no further than dressing in a school uniform but I have listed on this site the Tgirls ( who have expressed as a speciality some form of ageplay like Daddy / Daughter or Teacher / Pupil or mentioned in their profile with some depth some ageplay experience or preference.

Ageplay Escorts

These Trans girls tend to be younger, blonde hair Transsexuals, blue eyes and are smaller (say under 5'5") and have Age play listed on their profile. (

I've made this as a separation and discounted out a large amount of shemale escorts because almost every escort you come across will have a selection of uniforms for play but don't really get into the ageplay side so it doesn't make much difference. 

So i've counted out and escorts for example if they are approaching 50 or only mention uniforms passingly on their profile or website.

Otherwise this list would be practically endless - and all of them wouldn't understand what you need :)

What can I do to a Pro-Submissive?

                           Professional Dominatrixes

These girls are on the receiving end of your control. A typical submissive will be a lady you can discipline, one you can have over your knee to spank, cane or punish force to dress young etc.

These are the sort of girls all harder punishment Daddies dream of and playing with them from time to time can be very very rewarding. They tend to be into verbal abuse or physical restraint or humiliation themselves.


if your a more "caring" carer.. then a pro-submissive isn't likely to appeal to you because they will blindly obey everything you ask, which defeats the point for real ageplay daddy, for them its more a combination of control and play and loyal loving obedience rather than a slavish dominance.

Also some Pro-submissives especially if they come from a purer BDSM background will NOT offer sexual services and will be very offended if you ask, so read the profiles carefully and ask all questions in advance of booking. Don't try and drop anything into the mix half way through a scenario. You will be in all fairness shown the door pretty quickly.

If that is what you are looking for then an ageplay escort who acts towards the submissive side will be more accommodating to your needs.

What should I expect if you visit a Dominatrix?

                          Professional Submissives

These Dominatrix ladies specialise in many areas of fetish related play, from simple "Tie and Tease" up to Extreme CBT ( Cock and Ball Torture ) or Edgeplay ( cutting or piercing ) They will all in some form or other understand Mistress Dominatrix that  about  sub punishment or humiliation or sissification and so for the majority of  Mistress Dominatrix  practitioners that is enough, they aren't into the regressive play that requires all the props of a nursery and the caring touch of a Nanny and that's fine.

Mistress Dominatrix